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layout, graphics, design
Draft and design of the complete Corporate Design from logos, brochures, catalogues, letter paper and vehicle lettering
to web design and care of internet sites.

and lectures

from critique on science and sience’ ethics to PR, DTP, music, literature and mythology, fantasy and Tolkien 
editorial office and proof-reading
fiction, non-fiction and scientific works

brochure of the Villa Fledermaus (PDF)

Zur STARTSEITE von Conventus Tandaradey

music and dance from the Middle Ages and from renaissance time

»A fantastic ensemble from the field of historical music«
(Heftricher Spiegel)

concerts, performances, arragnements of medieval nights or events, Tolkien songs, sword fighting, archery, performances a. o.

Zur Seite rund um Oswald von Wolkenstein

the site about Oswald von Wolkenstein
the important singer and composer,
one of the most popular poets of the german medieval language


stories, essays, songs

»Schneidewind knows how to write in a capturing way and has at his disposal an immense fund of knowledge, which he uses purposefully.« (ProSaar)

»brilliantly written and trenchantly presented fantastic stories« (Hermannstädter Zeitung, Rumänien)

»stories, that have the power to touch you deep inside« (ORKUS)

Zur Seite zu Tolkien sowie zu Zauberei und Magie: www.incantatio,de

We cooperate with:

Zur Seite von AKABIS: Akademie für Bildung Friedhelm Schneidewind

training for firms and employee representative committees

Zur Aufstiegsqualifizierung Medienfachwirt/in (IHK)

promotional qualification Medienfachwirt/in

Zur Seite von GQiB Gesellschaft für Qualifizierung im Beruf

GQiB Society for professional qualification

publishing house and society for production Helen Schneidewind – Villa Fledermaus

Headquarters: Villa Fledermaus · Auf der Adt 14 · 66130 Saarbruecken/Germany

Schlossgasse 51 · 69502 Hemsbach · Germany

phone+49 179 9718257

E-Mail: info@villa-fledermaus.de

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